December 18, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce,

Over the past few days, the board has become aware of an email that has been circulated to our members, as well to others in our wider community. The email contains erroneous information about the handling of funding to the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC). It also contains several false and pointed allegations related to my family life. From our early investigations in this matter, the email appears to have been tampered with. It also seems to have been sent by someone who has malicious intentions towards our organization, our members and to me. We have retained legal counsel to investigate this incident, and we will do so to the full extent of the law.

Without question, this incident is unsettling and could be an upsetting way to end the year. However, as a board and as an organization, we aren’t letting it shake our commitment to our Chamber. As this unprecedented year comes to a close, I want to thank our members and supporters for continuing to believe in our vision. We are proud to be the national voice that supports the Black entrepreneurial spirit — a spirit that we expect will grow in 2021, thanks to your support.

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season.

Michael Forrest
Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

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