Strategic Priorities


The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce is a not-for profit business organization committed to creating the best environment for business where long-term stability, certainty and fiscal prudence can be achieved through the development of innovative and diverse opportunities. We are dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining Black Canadian Business communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within Canada and Internationally.

We have five Strategic priorities set forth by our Board of Directors to Grow Black Business and Black Entrepreneurs. To promote Black Innovation, Manufacturing, Technology and Exports, we have tasked our organization with furthering these priorities through:


We want to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit that burns within you. At the CBCC we aim to be a One stop shop by providing confidential consulting services, Industry expertise of corporate high-growth sectors, connections to human resource professionals to gain local insight on talent and connections to executive leadership, International Trade expansion and Contract Procurement business opportunities

  • Starting Your Business
  • Growing Your Business
  • Workspace Development
Ready to start or Expand Your business?

Our business community, low cost of doing business and vibrant collection of leading-edge industries and companies provides a powerful platform for starting and growing a business.

The CBCC helps businesses large and small, from existing companies to start-ups. For entrepreneurs, the CBCC provides the ideal competitive and nurturing environment for start-ups and companies focused on breakthrough developments. Our broad network of business professionals and members, along with our essential business education programs and enlivening networking and business leadership events, offer a critical resource.

If you are looking to start a new business or an entrepreneur with a big idea and are launching a start-up, please contact us for more information and resources.

If you already own a business and are looking to find the right Investor or location for your company, our economic development team can offer expertise and assistance. Please contact us for more information and resources on how to get started.

CBCC offers Services to help you grow and expand your business.

For more information please visit out Events Calendar or contact the office at for more information.

Is it time to expand your business? We can assist you in finding the ideal location that will position your company for success. Contact our Real Estate Division today and we can assist in finding the right home for your next business move. Our expert consultants will discuss all options of Leasing vs Owning along with best suited location pending the sector you are in.

We are committed to providing leadership training and support that unifies all stakeholders to maximize the Black business community as a dynamic and profitable trading block. We are focused on advancing the Black Business Community for better establishment of public and private partnership to improve trade and investment to ensure prosperity and growth for our members.

International Trade Expansion
In order for any community to grow it depends on its ability to export quality products and services. We are focused on promoting trade opportunities and a positive business climate within the Black Business Community and the General Public.

The CBBC will connect trade and investment opportunities to the Black Business Community. We provide international referrals, sponsorship of delegations and trade missions and resource information that connects the Black Diaspora and the International business market.

Contract and Procurement
Winning big business contracts through tenders and bids can allow any organization to take progressive steps that enhances economic growth. We can assist you to compete more effectively by assisting our members in gaining access to business opportunities in the private and public sectors. We accomplish this by educating our members on contract opportunities, helping them increase their capacity to vie for large-scale contracts, and offering resources and information that enhance Black Entrepreneurs and Black Businesses to compete for local and global contracts.

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