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Who We Are ?

Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives commerce through creativity and Innovation. We are committed to connecting and bridging the economic gap and increasing trade within the Black Business diaspora and between mainstream local and international markets for a more thriving and inclusive interconnected Canadian economy.

We want our members to succeed, grow and prosper in the local and global economy. We support our members by fostering strength in unity, power in global diversity and success in collaboration and respect. We build economic bridges by promoting and empowering Black Entrepreneurs and the Black businesses community we serve on a local, national and international level. We grow Black businesses and communities by promoting, developing and sustaining economic growth and prosperity within all local and the Global markets.

Our Mission

“To become the Hub of the Canadian Black Business Ecosystem by creating value and collaborating opportunities between all the players in this emerging ecosystem.”

Our Vision

“Canada, the North Star of the Black Business Renaissance”

Our Purpose

We are the national voice that supports the Black Entrepreneurial spirit that builds wealth and prosperity through business ownership, Economic and Trade Development for the betterment of the Black Diaspora and the Canadian economy.

Our Values



Move forward with clarity of direction and a strong vision of the future.


Promote innovation and creativity.


Set an agenda of priorities and actions.


Face the future with confidence and confidentiality.


Expect the best in people and diversity.


Honesty, decency and commitment.


Directly face obstacles, difficulties and uncertainties with effective Communication.


Provide a forum for members to discover common interests, inspire and establish mutually supportive policies and programs.


Continued learning in pursuit of excellence through diversity and trust.


Continued Building of Creditability and Results for all members.
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ADD: 1110 Finch Avenue West Suite 612  Toronto, ON, Canada M3J 2T2

TEL: (416) 613 – 6206 Ext. 5222

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