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Pan-African Credit Union is an initiative, formed by the collaborative efforts of three organizations – The Jamaican Canadian Association, The Lions Circle African Men Association, and the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide an alternate banking option, that better serves the Black community in the Greater Toronto Area, and eventually, across Canada. According to the National Credit Union Association of the United States, “minority-owned and managed credit unions play a critical role in providing financial services to communities that have been traditionally underserved or unbanked.”

With the creation of PACU, not only will we be providing financial services for the individuals and local Black businesses, we will also provide financial education on topics from budgeting to wealth-building.

PACU is committed to serving individuals and families in the community as well as Black-owned businesses, thus inspiring tangible economic growth for generations to come in the Black community.Initiative

A Global Management Consulting firm committed to delivering high value professional services and business strategy. We partner with clients and individuals from the private and public sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and empower them with the resources required to achieve their goals.

Our vision is to accelerate the growth of individuals and organizations by equipping them with the skills, mentorship, solution and resources required to move from their current state to a future state.

The Biz Incubator is a firm, which focuses on providing a wide range of business consulting services to startups and companies in early stages of their operations. The Biz Incubator is a team of highly skilled, experienced Business Consultants. Each consultant specializes in a particular discipline, including finance, sales and marketing, technology, management, operations, manufacturing Distribution, (BPO) Business Process Outsourcing and human resources

Consider me your personal guide, cheerleader and coach. I’m a marketing strategist with more than 25 years experience in three continents on all things content including conversion copywriting, journalism, TV production, PR and strategic communications. I’ve also mentored and trained entrepreneurs and executives.

Dwayne Rutherford is a driven business owner and entrepreneur at heart. He is innovative, ambitious and has a unique understanding of the dynamics of social interaction. He has been a staple in the Toronto entertainment scene for over 10 years, hosting screening parties for TIFF, sold out parties in Toronto’s Club district and other gala and celebrity events. His meticulous attention to detail and dedication to the “Premiere Debonair Experience” makes him one of the most trusted and sought after event planners in the city.

The Nikki Clarke Network was founded by Nikki Clarke in May, 2014. The network is the answer for those looking for a 24 hour inspirational and informative online tv network. The network is a unique collaboration of content producers with uplifting and entertaining segments in the area of lifestyle, wellness, health, business, beauty, food and music.

Banki Designs is a creative branding and design agency from The Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada. We create visual and branding experiences with over 10 years’ experience offering total branding, design and social media solutions. Our services are Branding Solutions, Graphic Design, Web Design and Social Media Content Management.

VR Planet is Durhams top rated facility for virtual reality entertainment. Our goal is to provide each and every person who steps into our facility with an amazing virtual experience that will awaken them to the limitless potential of VR technology.

Virtual reality has the ability to stretch the boundaries of what we deem “possible”. You can time travel through dimensions, fight off angry space pirates, be a professional boxer, or travel the world – all in our beautifully designed, 2500 square foot venue. Looking for something to do in Durham? Look no further!

Neale’s Sweet N Nice ice cream, a brand that originated in 1940s Trinidad and Tobago, restarted in Canada in 2013 with just two flavours; Mango and Coconut. It was through the passion of bringing our Granddad’s ice cream flavours back to life, and creating a family legacy, that this remarkable product was reborn.

Ceecees Interiors has been staging homes for sale in the Greater Toronto Area and will work with you to style, fluff and stage your home to appeal to a more buyers and set you up for potential sale over asking price.

Bagel style Montréal au cœur de la rive-sud. Nous sommes fermé le 25Décembre Joyeuses Fêtes!! NOS Bagels. Tous nos bagels sont roulés à la main, bouillis dans un mélange de miel et parfumés aux bois d’érable de l’Estrie. C’est ce procédé qui leur donne ce goût si particulier, mondialement reconnu et grandement apprécié.

A2 Courier & Logistics offers Logistics services including:  Transportation Services in Ontario and Quebec and Warehouse Space for Palletized shipments.

 We help businesses operate more rapidly and efficiently by creating unique delivery solutions for each client and eliminating the delays involved with shipping of important freight goods or materials. 

I founded Comfort Bras following my own frustrating experience trying to find comfortable, sexy bras that fit well. I couldn’t believe the lack of choice available to women with breasts larger than a D cup even a DD cup. I was fed up of being offered bras that made me look even bigger and less sexy, not to mention very uncomfortable. The bras were like weapons, stabbing and sticking all day. It was traumatizing. As much as it was embarrassing to wear them it was even more embarrassing to take them off…in the bedroom, god for bid anyone should see them. I hated going to gym for fear that other women would see the contraption I was wearing. Don’t get me started on the jugglers during exercise class.

I provide real estate services throughout the Peel Region of Ontario and the Toronto GTA. I strive for professionalism and integrity.  I work diligently to earn the trust of my clients by empowering each and every one with relevant information to allow them to make informed choices with confidence.  I am a trained economist and accountant with over twenty years in the financial industry and extensive knowledge of the mortgage and real estate industries. I have been a real estate agent since 2003 and pride myself in providing my clients with service tailored to meet their needs. My wealth of knowledge in banking, economics, accounting, taxation and property management is always at my clients’ disposal, while they contemplate, what is for many, the single most important decision in their life to-date.

In a cluttered yet limited news space, compelling stories inform how best to align your brand with the right audiences. At Konvo, we are passionate about creating stories, building brands, and developing approaches to generate news, conversations, and buzz. It’s what we do best.

Need a social storyteller, digital marketer, journalist, producer, publisher, writer, media relations specialist, public speaker or trainer? As seasoned professionals joining forces, offering a combined work history of over 60 years of experience, we bring it all to the table. We are ready to create an impact and make a difference for our clients.

At ISG, we have made it our mission is to be a global leader in information management (IM) solution delivery. ISG has been providing a range of tier one Information Management solutions since 1994, with our principles of providing superior IM expertise to our clientele and partners.

In today’s rapidly advancing information business environment, the appropriate use of technology is a key element in an organization’s success. Armed with the right tools an organization can gain a competitive edge’ in this global economy. ISG’s focus on information management services and solutions helps our customers meet and exceed their current business and technology goals and into the future.

Silvertrust Media, also known as Silvertrust Communications, is a publishing, broadcasting, web design, multimedia, photography, events and special projects company based in Toronto, Canada. The company was founded in 1996 on a solid service foundation comprised of quality, integrity and dexterity. We harness the best of technology and human resources to deliver the communication and entertainment products clients deserve.

Ranked #1 Black online magazine in Canada. Editor-in-chief:


Like many things of beauty “It’s Souper” began as a dream and a way to find a place in a diverse community for Nigerian born, Lola Adeyemi, but has since grown far beyond that.

After pursuing a BA Degree at the University of Winnipeg – Manitoba, Lola came to Toronto with big dreams and has worked successfully as an IT Consultant for many years. All through her career, she was always happy to bring a unique Nigerian dish to every potluck to the amazement and joy of her coworkers, she even won best potluck meal a couple of times with medals to show for it! It was absolutely gratifying for her taking back empty Tupperware home with rave reviews. The roots for a brand that would bring joy to people’s homes through food was starting to grow.

Boom-bah Naturals USA was launched in November of 2017 in the beautiful hills of East TN USA.

We will be opening a division in Toronto, Canada in January of 2018. Vancouver, Canada expansion is scheduled for 2nd quarter 2018.

Boom-bah Naturals is supplier of all natural skin and body products made with 100% pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils and raw materials. Our raw materials are sourced from over six continents and we strive to source from suppliers whose follow fair trade, no pesticides, and a passion for all natural quality.

KEJEO DESIGNS is derived from “nou kejeo” in the “Mina” language from Benin and Togo in West Africa which means something that looks beautiful on you.

We are an award winning African fashion brand that caters to everyone that is not shy and want to be able to rock African prints in different ways and in different environments, from the board room to social events and everywhere in between.

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