Canadian Black Business Week

Connecting Black Businesses

The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce has designated the last week of October as Canadian Black Business Week.  Our goal is to highlight the important contributions of Black-owned businesses to the Canadian economy.

-Join us in our programming for this week.-


MONDAY 12PM- Power Hour

Power Hour 

Time: 12pm - 1pm  
Sponsor: Pan-African Credit Union Initiative
Prize : $50 Sobeys Gift Card 
About This Event
The Black Renaissance: Rebirth, Resurgence, Revitalization
In this panel discussion, we will discuss the emerging “Black Renaissance” in business and community. We will discuss this new outlook on the Black condition and how we grow, protect, and maintain this new Renaissance in Black Excellence. This panel discussion features the Chair of the Pan-African Credit Union, two leaders of the BlackNorth Initiative and business owners from Canada and the US.
Welcome Message:
Michael Forrest Founder & Chairman
Panel Moderator:
Doug Minter, Management Consultant Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce
Panel Guests:  
Ivor Christopher, Pan-African Credit Union 
Patricia Deguire, BlackNorth Initiative 
Muna Mohammed, Ethnic Food Incubator Participant
Douglas Mapp, Learning Rx 
Maurice Mattis, CBCC Propel Mastermind Participant
Dahabo Ahmed-Omer, BlackNorth Initiative 

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MONDAY 7PM - Black History – Canadian Entrepreneurs 

Time: 7pm - 8pm   
Sponsored By: Ontario Black History Society & The Rella Black History Foundation
Prize: $25 Gift Card provided by Black Female Funders (

About This Event
We come from a rich history...Black Business History.  Enjoy these vignettes from the Ontario Black History Society & The Rella Foundation on Viola Desmond & Rufus Rockhead

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TUESDAY 12PM - A Conversation about Diversity, Procurement & Board Training for Black & Indigenous people

Date: October 27th  
Time: 12pm - 1pm   
Sponsor: Synergy on Boards
Prize Donated By: The Diversity Business Network ( 

Black Business Panel Moderator:
Trevino Betty - The Diversity Business Network

Black Business Panel Guests
Trish Mandewo - Synergy on Boards
Matthew Cowley - Acting Manager of Public Appointment Secretariat, City of Toronto 

About This Event  
Black people are unrepresented on Boards across Canada and Black-owned businesses are missing in the supply chain. 

Join Trevino Betty - The Diversity Business Network, Trish Mandewo - Synergy on Boards & Matthew Cowley - Acting Manager of Public Appointment Secretariat, City of Toronto talk about opportunities to join Boards, Committees and Tribunals at the City of Toronto.

Learn more about upcoming Board training with Synergy on Boards and Black Business Certification with The Diversity Business Network.  

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TUESDAY 7PM – Black Trivia Night  

Date: October 27
Time: 7pm - 8pm  
Sponsor: Toronto Public Library  
Prize:  $100 Gift Certificate provided by Raven Luxury Events Inc. 

Doug Minter 

Special Guest:
Abbas Amarshi, Reference Librarian, Business, Science & Technology Toronto Public Library   

About This Event 
Join the CBCC for a night of speed networking and test your Black Trivia from throughout the African Diaspora! This is an opportunity to grow your network, meet new and returning members and have fun doing it! Sign up and play against your peers in this individual battle for the right to be the King or Queen of Black History. Questions will cover historic people, places, and themes throughout the Diaspora from Canada back to Africa.  

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WEDNESDAY 12PM - Kickstart Your Business Growth Using the Canada Job Grant

 Kickstart Your Business Growth Using the Canada Job Grant

Date: October 28th 
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm 
Sponsor: Growth Finder & Connectivity Advisors 

About This Event
In this webinar we will discuss how organizations are using the Canada Job Grant to access digital marketing training.   We will go through how the grants work from a province-to-province basis and you will understand if and how it might apply to you.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to kick start your application process to access the grant funding available with clear, succinct information that outlines the essential things you need to get started.
Join us to learn about the Canada Job Grant program, how it works, and how organizations are using it to grow their digital marketing skills.       

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WEDNESDAY 7PM - Dinner & A Movie

Date: October 28th   
Time: 7pm - 9:30pm
Sponsor: Black Female Funders   (

About This Event  
You bring the dinner and we’ll bring the movies. 
Join us at 7 pm to watch She Did That with the CBCC network.   

Renae Bluitt's first cinematic project, 'She Did That.' explores the passionate pursuits of Black women entrepreneurs.

It's not a cakewalk to raise glass ceilings, push boundaries and march forward. But in their shoes, they get it done    

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THURSDAY 9AM - Fireside chat with Andria Barrett & Garrick Tiplady speaking at C2 Online 

Fireside Chat with Andria Barrett & Garrick Tiplady speaking at C2 Online 

Date: October 29th  
Time: 9:00am – 9:30am  
Sponsor: Facebook & C2 Online 

2020 has seen businesses around the world falter, economies experience a significant downturn and the rise of social justice and equality movements. This experience has paved the way for new consumer habits and behaviors that will be the standard moving forward.

Now is the time for business leaders and marketers to define new pathways for success. Leaders from Facebook and the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce will share in this session the latest macro and micro shifts shaping economic recovery and key takeaways for business success.   

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THURSDAY All day - Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Date: October 29th  
Time: Throughout the Day     

About This Event
Throughout this week we will be spotlighting our valued members in the Chamber  e-newsletter and on social media  .       

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THURSDAY 12PM - Black Date - In Conversation with Statistics Canada

Black Data - In Conversation with Statistics Canada

Date: October 29th   
Time: 12pm – 1pm 

About This Event
Let’s talk Data....Black Data.  Join Andria Barrett, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce & David Betty, Chair Economic Development & representatives from Statistics Canada for this discussion about the next Business Survey.     

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THURSDAY 6:30pm - Black Business Town Hall 

Black Business Town Hall 


Date: October 29th  
Time: 6:30pm - 8pm  
Sponsor: Black Opportunity Fund 

About This Event
The Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce is a proud supporter of the Inaugural Black Business Townhall presented by the Black Opportunity Fund. The Black Opportunity Fund is committed to being part of the solution for Black businesses. An interactive and stimulating town hall event designed to provide supporters with exclusive opportunity to hear from featured experts, network with each other, and interact through questions and answers. Focus on: Access to capital for Black businesses and entrepreneurs Mentorship and networking opportunities for Black businesses Supplier diversity programs for Black businesses Awareness and advisory clinic opportunities for Black businesses Panel Discussion moderated by: Ray Williams, Vice-Chair & Managing Director, National Bank Financial Closing Remarks by: Dennis Mitchell, CEO & CIO, Starlight Capital & Founding Member of the Black Opportunity Fund .       

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FRIDAY 12pm - Arts & Business

Arts & Business

Date: October 30th    
Time: 12pm – 1pm   

About This Event

Arts & Culture in the midst of #GeorgeFloyd and #Covid19. 

Christine Dikongue

Guest Speaker
Khalidah Bello 

In conversation with Khalida Bello, CEO & Founder of ÒgoTàwa Inc. a non-profit company led by a creative entrepreneur and cultural producer of Nigerian Canadian heritage.  Khalidah holds Harvard and University of Toronto degrees in Professional Writing; Communications, Culture and Information Technology, as well as Global Health.   She also has a diploma from Sheridan College in Digital Communications and Culinary Arts Certificates from George Brown College.  

Khalidah possesses over 15 years of experience in creating programming that shares the creative talents of Black communities with the North American public in the areas of visual arts, fashion, live music performance, dance, and theatre. She is down-right obsessed with the under-expressed and mind-boggling creative talents of the Black community. Her goal is to discover and initiate as many economically rewarding outlets for the Black community’s creative talents as possible.

Khalidah will be bringing with her several guest youth and emerging artists to speak with us!       

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FRIDAY 7pm - Cocktails & Conversation - Membership Appreciation & Happy Hour  

Cocktails & Conversation - Membership Appreciation & Happy Hour  

Date: October 30th    
Time: 7pm – 9pm 
Sponsor: Labatt & Campari Group 

Grab a glass and join us for an evening of cocktails and conversation to end off Canadian Black Business Week!! .   

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