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Women & Youth Program


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce supports women and young people who are interested in starting a business.

Our Women entrepreneurial programs are designed to connect you with business, community and political leaders through our quality speaker events, exclusive roundtables, hosted by the CBCC. 

As a member of the CBCC we encourage you to engage with other members, support women leaders when they speak, and bring men to hear the issues that concern women. Change will happen faster when we understand each other better. We would love for you to volunteer for committees where you want to make a difference in our business initiatives. 

Connect with remarkable leaders. Learn the secrets of their success and share yours! As a member of CBCC, you are automatically a member of the Women’s Leadership Group with these additional benefits:

  • Strengthening and Supporting Women Entrepreneurs
  • Make meaningful connections with senior leaders
  • Join exclusive tables at major Board of Trade events
  • Engage in professional development events with high caliber speakers
  • Sit at intimate roundtables learning from business, political and community leaders
  • Build your personal network with senior business leaders from diverse industries.
  • Encourage large numbers of women into self-employment
  • Support entrepreneurship training, business advisory services, business linkages aimed at enabling start-ups and existing businesses to increase productivity and be more be competitive
  • Will inform us more about women entrepreneurs’ business practices, survival and growth strategies to maximize women entrepreneurial potential
  • Improve the capacity of business development services to deliver services to women entrepreneurs.

Are you a Black Youth between 13 and 18 years old looking to start your own business?

The CBCC is leading the way in creating innovative programs and events designed to economically empower you. As we continue our pursuit of improving the lives of our community, we offer the Junior Chamber in conjunction with the Incubator Program. Our goal is to help produce the next generation of “business minds” by laying down a solid foundation from which our Black Youths can be successful.

We have identified the value of our youth as they equip themselves through our academic institutions to take their place among the workforce. We also acknowledge the significance of small business and entrepreneurs that shape our future and build our economy. In addition, we recognize that many small and start-up businesses often fail because of the lack of basic business management principals. For these reason we felt it necessary to instill the entrepreneurial ideals and spirit in our Black Youth today and furnish them with the basic principles that may be overlooked or taken for granted.

We believe that young people, if given access to the right resources, can effectively craft their own opportunities for advancement and growth in labour markets while simultaneously addressing development needs. We also believe that every young people is capable of leading so we strive to provide opportunities for youth to realize their leadership abilities. We offer our Black Youths opportunities to participate in a local and nationwide campaign to make a difference in their cities and communities.

We view our youth as true partners in development, rather than reducing them to just beneficiaries

  • Encourage youths to organize multi-stakeholder, county and regional based networks
  • Build on the commitment of government leaders, key firms and institutions to confront the challenges of youth unemployment by developing strategic partnerships
  • Transform that leadership commitment into tangible, real world investments in innovative, employment-generation strategies and platforms
  • Knowledge-sharing! Integrate a web-based, Knowledge Resource – a free platform that disseminates labour market knowledge and best practices for individuals, networks, and partners through a range of traditional and contemporary media technologies (print, conferences/workshops, e-groups, supportive paraphernalia) and
  • Provide Black Youths with real world - real time opportunities to build leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills in regard to the sustainable development of their demographic.

As students in the program our young men and young women will learn critical thinking exercise, business operations, general book keeping fundamentals, and strategy development skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

We offer programs such as:

  1. Comprehensive lessons in starting and operating a business.
  2. An exploration of business concepts ranging from start-up costs, calculating profits and loss, marketing and advertising, as well as problem solving business obstacles, to name a few.
  3. Students create an actual retail/service oriented business plan.
  4. Students use business plan writing software to produce a professional and polished plan.


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